JOHN is a group of people united through the perception of belonging by similarity (affinity of intentions, thoughts, positions) and not by identification (attainment of a socially desirable status). Its topic is to overcome the anomie of the artistic platform by starting an organizational model based on mutual help and able to access without mediators to foundings for artistic projects.
There is a big imbalance between the values and the expectations that we internalize in our socialization and the legitimate ways to achieve them. Takes place, in art too, a shift towards self-centered methods in the pursuit of self-realization, that affects the real participation of everyone. Of course groups are constantly formed and breake, without needing them to be self-defined, but working in a self-defined group means working with the other’s conscience and constant mutual help, nurtured by the resources that each has taken up individually. The group becomes artistic platform – John, a common English name and surname. John is joined by the artists Lucia Bricco and Iulia Ghiţă.


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beds is a nomadic series of art events that wants to bring a specific physical place close to the artistic sensitivity of a specific artist. 

The aim is to create a connection between places and/or institutions in a city and works of artists who are invited one at a time. This way we hope to both support the creation of art pieces, and to articulate the uniqueness of the chosen locations.

The title of the project Beds refers to a physical space designed for the hosting of bodies. In the form of temporal element, the bed defines daily the relationship with our physical possibilities, showing us with a certain simplicity a waiting point in a line, situated between our intentions and human vulnerability. 

It represents the almost zero degree, simultaneously a starting and an ending point where the residue of what we finished and from which we are to begin, is stored.

Following the metaphor of beds, will be assigned each of the chosen artists a particular place in a city. The site is selected attempting to give to each artist a spot relating to her or his practice.

A new art project created for the respective site will be presented by each one of the artists.

The choice of institutional and non-institutional spaces is based on the specific role they play in the city and the society, their historical value (taking into account also their current importance and possible future meanings) or simply for their strong aesthetic qualities.

The first beds block will involve the city of Athens (GR) and 5 performance artists:



What brings us to this project, as active artists in the contemporary art scene, is the feeling of lack of focus being given to the artistic creation, as it is often surrounded by extra-artistic motivations.

We believe in the cultural relevance of what honest art creation is able to give. For that reason, the project relies on the specific nature of each art piece, in order to encourage quality work first of all. What defines quality work is not the idea of good or bad, but its sincere way to exist.



meetings and projects. meeting in romania, summer 2018